Economic Development

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  •  Streamlined Economic Development in the County, helping to create and retain 7,000 jobs! Organized and funded one-stop shopping for attracting, retaining, and expansion of new and current businesses through the Lorain County Growth Partnership. 
  • Helped create Project TEN (Train Employees Now) to assist businesses with training their workforce.
  • Worked with the communities of Avon and Avon Lake to make the I-90 interchange at Nagle Road a reality.
  •  Wrote testimony for the Ohio House of Representatives and worked with Environment Ohio to help the state create renewable energy standards to protect our environment and create jobs!
  • Helped develop a Storm Water Plan and Advisory Committee to identify and fix ditches, improve access to sewers and identify areas that flood. All improve the availability of land for development in all communities in the county.
  • Founding member of LEEDCO (Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation) to develop a wind farm in Lake Erie, with the goal of producing the turbines and their parts right here in Lorain County and Northeast Ohio.